STUDENT Testimonials


K-9 Officer Matthew Pretty
Little Egg Harbor New Jersey
Police Department

"I have been a Police K-9 officer for the past 7 years and in that time I had have the privilege to train and work with many police K-9 teams from across the country. So when I had to do the unthinkable and put my K-9 partner down due to an unexpected illness I contacted American K-9 Interdiction in the hopes of finding a new K-9 partner.

The staff and lead patrol trainer, Eric, at American K-9 Interdiction were very helpful in finding me a new K-9 partner. I have to say his drives and confidence are off the charts and at the same time he is very social and clear headed.
I would highly recommend this company to any Law Enforcement Agency looking for solid K-9 partners."

Officer Chad Melby
K9 Dozer
Racine, WI Police Department

“My training at AK9I was very positive and I had a great experience. When I went thru my training course, I felt like I was an actual employee not an outsider or student. I got to work with numerous dogs and trainers, even though Dozer and I got top priority of training every day. It was awesome experience. As I wrapped up my time there it was clear to me that AK9I trains K9’s for the real world and not to just pass a certification. I feel this has made a huge difference for me and I have adjusted to the real world seamlessly because I was well prepared and ready for the job when I hit the street.”

Officer Brad Williams
K9 Cago
Oconee County Sheriff’s Department

“Senior Trainer, Tony Gravley is an amazing trainer. I just purchased an amazing dual purpose K9 from AK9I and completed a course with Tony. Thanks again AK9I”

Officer Dustin Jarratt
K9 Caiman
Emporia Police Department

“I had a real good experience at AK9I. I learned a lot, it was very rewarding and they have a great staff. I now have a great dog and we are on our way to having much success for the department”

Sergeant G. S. Witt
Virginia State Police Canine Coordinator

“Just a quick note to let you all know there at AK9I, that it has been a privilege to work with you guys over the last year or so. Your customer service has been great. Could not ask for any better. The canines that we have gotten from you have all suited our mission well. A new year is coming around and I wish the best for you all at AK9I.”

Officer Cabell and K9 Rex

Officer Armstrong and K9 Bullet

Officer Calchi and K9 Sam

Officer Calchi and K9 Treu

Officer Cappacio and K9 Kaver

Officer Delvin and K9 Ellios

Officer Gomez and K9 Bama

Officer Jones and K9 Jerry

Officer Lanson and K9 Niko

Officer Mark, Officer Charlie and K9 Miso

Officer Nemis and K9 Iggi

Officer Pretty and K9 Ranson

Officer Robell and K9 Kota

Officer Sheridan and K9 Rosco

Officer Smith and K9 Ollie

Officer Stowe and K9 Flash

Officer Fogarty and K9 Rigby

Trooper Cox and K9 Grace

Trooper Lewis and K9 Ace

Sr.Trooper Brydge and K9 Scout

Deputy Turner and K9 K