Patrol K-9 Operations Training

Tactical Obedience training

The handler/canine team will be taught the basics of agility and obedience through obstacle course training and combat-related tasks such as long downs, vertical/horizontal carries, ladder climbs, window entries and tactical movements.

Aggression Training includes:

  • Single and multi-person apprehension

  • Apprehension from vehicle

  • Apprehension with gunfire

  • Vehicle extractions

  • Handler protection

  • Prisoner escorts

  • Recalls and call-outs

At the end of this portion of Patrol K-9 training, students will have a comprehensive understanding of canine drives (food, play, prey, hunt, defense, fight, and pack) and will be able to read and activate these canine drives as necessary to manage the canine’s behavior in aggression situations.

Building Search Training

AK9I trainers will demonstrate tactical search techniques for locating and apprehending suspects or other search objectives hidden within buildings and structures. Student handlers will be trained to operate using the canine’s independent search behavior, both on and off-leash, without regard for the type of search objective (e.g., target substance or fleeing suspect). After completing this portion of the course, students will be able to confidently conduct a thorough search of occupied or unoccupied buildings or structures and will be able to work their dog to the targeted source.