Detection Training

AK9I trains explosives detection and narcotics detection canines on a regular basis and sells these trained canines to government and law enforcement entities. All AK9I canines are thoroughly conditioned and trained to conduct searches in buildings and structures, on and around vehicles of all types and sizes, and in outdoor areas. Canines are trained to present a passive alert final response. Our explosives detection dogs are trained to detect substances on roadways (surface and buried hides) and thus can be used for route clearance. Dogs are trained on either explosives or narcotics, but never both. Student handlers are taught to work with the dogs in various training scenarios encompassing a range of environments. They are taught to consider and assess the venue, the routes to and from the venue, vehicle control and search points, and the influence of adjacent buildings and surrounding open areas. Most importantly, they are taught to formulate on-the-fly contingency plans to ensure thorough searches with a high degree of safety.

Vapor Pressure ("Scent Cone")

This is the Holy Grail in understanding odor detection science and how to use a detector dog to its full potential. Upon course completion, students will possess an in-depth understanding of the scent “picture” and will be able to recognize and work with or around factors affecting the scent cone, (e.g., wind, humidity, ambient temperature, vapor pressure, convection, and terrain/ topography.)

Off-Leash Explosives Detection Dogs

Off-leash explosives detection dogs have been deemed by experts to be the most agile and cost-effective method for detection and deterrence applications. AK9I has been building this specific type of dog since 2008. Our Trainers methodically build on the hereditary skills and talents of our per-evaluated and medically screened dogs to create what we and our clients consider the best mobile detection assets available. To complete the “package”, we also provide a formalized course of instruction to teach inexperienced (or experienced) handlers how to utilize these dogs to their maximum potential.

Border Control/Contraband Detection

AK9I can provide instruction and train K-9 teams to negotiate off-leash sweeps of multiple vehicles in traffic checkpoints or other control areas. The canine team can non-disruptively “clear” a large number of vehicles in a very short time, without showing any threatening positive response that could affect the outcome of the search.