Adoption Dogs

At AK9I, we work very hard to meet our clients' needs and provide the right dog for the job. This is serious business, and requires a very thorough selection process. We take great care to ensure that each dog is assessed and screened properly.

Our training process is very rigorous, and unfortunately, not all dogs are up to the task. Much like athletes, some make the cut and others do not. If a dog is not meeting the requirements of our program, we take whatever steps are necessary to ensure the animal is placed in a beneficial, humane, and appropriate home or environment. This is an absolute must... At AK9I "the dogs come first".

If you desire to adopt one of our canines, please complete the following application and send it to our offices via fax, email, or post, where it will be submitted to our adoption coordinator for review and possible approval.

Download: AK9I Adoption Application (PDF)

If anyone is interested in either inquiring about the status of a USMC IDD K9 or would like information to adopt a former USMC IDD K9 please contact

Latest Adoption Info from the USMC.

Unfortunately, no Adoption Dogs are currently available.


Submit adoption inquiries to the following locations

Fax: (757) 304-9678

American K-9 Interdiction
4007 Burdette Road
Carrsville, VA 23315